Jetboat Tropic Thunder

This is Vanuatu's BEST and fastest jet boat adventure. Experience Port Vila Harbour at high-speed with massive sideways slides, fish tails, and wave riding. You will be amazed by our awesome power brake stops, and incredible 360 degrees spins.

This tour is heart pumping excitement and a fun way to see one of the world's most beautiful harbours featuring the magnificent Ifira and Iririki Islands.

On your incredible journey feel the power of a thumping big block V8, pumping 390 hp, thrusting 400 litres of water every second through a 150mm nozzle propelling the boat to speeds of 10cm of water!!!

With us, you will have the chance to share a great experience with your family and friends. Don't forget your sunscreen and swimming costume!

Duration:25 MIN

Operates:MON-SUN(MIN 4 PAX)